Aug 12, 2009

Tale of a Pink Dress

When you hear Digit Darkes is having a sale -- let alone a PINK sale -- you run. Me ran. And after scooping this pink, feathery, gold-trimmed, super-textured creation for a cool $100L (compared to their regular prices, this really did feel like a steal) I wanted to take this delectable piece of girlie heaven on a li'l SL grid skipping.

Here's me + male model Gavin McGinnis admiring the glorious light beams within the abandoned water shack in the half-immersed water world of REZ. On the accessories front I just loooved pairing the gold bust and waist ribbing with the supersexy yellow gold bangles + choker necklace from Oceane's Designs. Hello fashionista slave girl look, LOL.

Here we are outside of the shack. Don't ya just love it when nature matches your dress? Oh and the gold and pink shoes came with, which made the loss of Lindens a bit le$$ painful.

Next a pit stop to the last Midsummer Night's Dream hunt location to snatch up the supersassy talking panda bear gift at the end of the hunt. Supersassy as in, it actually scolds you in public chat + if provoked it will even smack your friends across the face!! Our friend model Adrianne Lanley met up to grab him too 'cuz, well, it takes one troublemaker to know another. Let's just say this mouthy li'l panda utterly failed to win her over.

Meanwhile the dress was dying for some dancing already, so Gavin and I hopped over to Tempura for SL's finest ballroom dancing action. The couples dances are just too cute here. I mean the pose balls are pink and orange for crissakes. Just don't go alone or you'll be like that sad dude standing in the corner.
Well my pink dress' big night on the town was winding down, but no date would be complete without a goodnight kiss. We found a secret crystal cave was perfect for a li'l sunset smooching. Btw I'm not normally that frisky with guys. Musta been the dress.

Hair: group gift - Cassie - in Brown - free
Earrings: U&R Dogs - Cinderella slippers hunt gift -
Angel's Wings tattoo: HUZ Tats -
Dress and Shoes: Digit Darkes -
formerly reduced to $100L
Multi-Hoop Gold Bangles + Necklace: Oceane's Designs (not yet available) -
not free

This grid skipper's outtie for the day. Fashionista love + kisses to all!!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Roberta S. said...

Hi Teshan, I had no idea you were up to this stuff. Thanks for showing us this lovely wear and the SIMs are so pretty. Keep up the good work gf. ^^

Kylie Alex said...

Teshie its Kylie, how r u hunny? YOU ARE DA FASHION FUN BOMB!!! hehe kissssssssees

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