Aug 10, 2009

The Cheongsam Dress . . . Done Right!

There's something about the Shanghai cheongsam dress: whether its the tight-fitting, curve-hugging style or the modest peek-a-boo top of the bodice (paired with the high neckline), its just all just downright sexy. I'm in luuurve with the new baby pink one you can score for free at the Icing lucky chair. . . the darker pink corset underlayer + sheer bodice on top offer such fabulous detail.

Slip on a pair of superhigh pink stilettos and you are good to go. Since the print on this dress is so sexy, only simple accessories are really needed. Notice how even tho there's not very much skin showing, there's a whole lotta sexy goin' on here.

Dress: Icing - Imperial Blossom dress in pink - free lucky chair gift
Hair: - Cassie (Anxious Blond) -
free group join gift
Necklace + Earrings (mother of pearl/yellow gold hearts): U&R Dogs - Duchess Jingle Jangle Heart Necklace Samantha -
previously free Cinderella slippers hunt gift
Shoes: Herby Loire - Rose Stiletto Shoes -
previously free
Skin: Exodi by Ryker Beck - Shiloh Coffee in Nosferatu -
not free

Fashionista love + kisses to all!!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for helpin me get this one gf . . . you rocks it as alwayzzz, me hearts ya haha

Anonymous said...

hi Teshi how nice to see you all dolled up in pink! and baby pink too . . . my fave color on you ^_^

Audrina K said...

Hi Tesh I love your sense of style. guess i found my newest lucky chair to stalk ha ty ty gf ... now we can be twins . ..!!! ☺ ☺

Stefanie Myer said...

Is the necklace still free? Gorgeous!

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