Aug 25, 2009

Skins Skins Skins!

There are so many free or $1L skins of such great quality right now that we wanted to show you some of our faves. Most of these will be in my "Better Quality Freebies" Shopping List #6 this week (the Tuli skin on Margaux was listed in list #5 last Saturday -- search the Freebie Fashionista group's past Notices).

Here I am wearing 2 of my faves. I *adoooore* this Corrupted Innocence crying skin (its even better than the Mother Goose "YAN" crying skins available in Mother Goose 's lucky boards). The red lipstick on this skin is TO. DIE. Really exquisite if you like crying skins. The yellow bandaid skin on the right is ADORABLE and I soooo heart the freckles. Amazing detail.

LEFT: Corrupted Innocence - Eva Skin Tan/Navy - free (Black Pearl hunt gift)
RIGHT: Mother Goose - "Mary" skin - $1L

These next 2 are so different. Check the suuuper smokey blue eye makeup on the JE*Republic skin on the left; and the girlish, totally innocent KEI skin on the right -- complete with butterfly!

LEFT: JE*Republic - Anniversary skin - $1L
RIGHT: KEI - "Summer Skin" - $1L

Finally a word on 2 skins that are soon becoming faves. This Freebie Fashionista hardly ever pays to join groups but after hearing so much noise about the Atomic skins on the blogs, I decided to eat the $250L joining fee for this special anniversary "Cupcake" skin gift. Can I just say: freckles + smoky eye makeup + ambiguous "frosting" smears (yeah, right!) around the mouth -- SO SO WORTH the $250L. Apparently they give skin gifts ALL the time. LOVE!!

LEFT: Atomic -Honey - CakeFace Freckles - free group gift (BUT $250L group join fee)
RIGHT: Untame- "Maya" Illusion skin - from the "Bringing Your Skin to Life" new line (as yet unreleased)

A very very special notice about the skin on the right: ***Untame designer Kinadra Skytower has very generously offered to do a VERY SPECIAL FREEBIE FASHIONISTA $1L GIFT ON THIS NORMALLY $1200L SKIN -- WHICH IS AS-YET-UNRELEASED!!! WE WILL SEND THE NOTICE OUT THIS THURSDAY 8/27/09 SOMETIME AROUND 12 PM SLT. OUR GROUP IS GETTING THE SCOOP SO DO NOT MISS IT!!

Next, our gorge friend and model Margaux Dufaux is modeling the much-discussed Tuli Kalista light 01 freebie. See why she only needs to blink to make the guys trip all over her? So unfair.

Here is Marg modeling these lovely Starlight skins that are currently free. The innocent look is back! Here's Marg wearing "Polyxo" (light brow, eye A, nose B) on the left and "Eudora" (light brow, eye B, nose B, freckles) on the right.

Next, our lovely friend and model Rene Cadernow graciously offered to model 2 of our other faves, more from Mother Goose. Here is their newest $1L gift called "Donna" (love the rosy pink lips + teeny tiny tears tattoo!)

Next also from Mother Goose is the "CandiLip" $1L gift. The added punch of color in the center of the lip is sooo dramatic and cool.

We hope you have enjoyed our little skin showing! These + more in my "Better Quality Freebies" Shopping list #6 this week.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Angela said...

Tesh what up gf, great work as always and really look forward to grabbin that special $1L Untame skin. Thx sooo much for all the tips gf. U rock.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog!!!!!! So useful, ty ty ty!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel ^

Anonymous said...

I just picked up the Crying Skin and it is really really nice. Love the streaky mascara. Good for miserable days. Heh.

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