Sep 26, 2013

In Memoriam.

As anyone who's spent any time in SL knows, our metaverse can be a curious place. The grid, which itself is ever-changing, plays host to a strange permanence: at any time, you can login, exist in an entirely orchestrated environment, and somehow feel that things will never change. As we all know, this is hardly true; and this summer, the SL community lost 1 of its most extraordinary artists and creators -- and a great believer in this little blog -- creator Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.
In Memoriam.
I've been waiting to write about the memorial garden that's been built in Squinternet's honor since I wasn't quite sure what to say about it, or how to talk meaningfully about Squint's passing. I finally visited the garden last week, and I can safely say this: it's a very peaceful, serene place, a gentle nod to Squinternet's rustic countryside build that she previously created in her spectacular Bonin SIM, and someplace that you can imagine Squinternet herself would have enjoyed very much. With just a hint of flourish in the pouffed-out tiers on the garden's back walls, small whitewashed cubbyholes for lit candles to cast their sparkling, delicate lights like little jewels, and pastel pink lotus blossoms floating in the azure garden pools, there are traces of Squinternet's love of color, beauty and elegance all over the place. It made me deeply sad that she would never lay eyes on it.
Like A Jewel.
You still have time to visit Squinternet's beautiful Memorial Garden here (I believe her friends are hoping it will stay until the end of the month). Even if you never knew her, you can still enjoy the tranquility of these gardens, and perhaps say a little prayer of peace for the great lady that inspired them. 

Here's wishing you giant gems, utterly fabulous Baroque styling + eternal peace always, dear friend.

แƒฆTeshan2222 Wycliffe