Apr 13, 2013

Idyllic Spring.

It's been a minute since Gavin + I have switched up our abode, so the new beachy-ready windmill build at Collabor88 was the perfect reason to start dreaming of ocean waves + breezier climes. We were actually just browsing the airy, loft-like homes at Scarlet Creative the other day, so it was such a lovely surprise to see this modern brand participating in Collabor88 this round!
The 2nd floor has a cool li'l reading nook that I thought was perfect for some stargazing (also known in NYC as neighbor-peeping, i.e., a perfectly respectable pastime for us urbanites).
Gavin likes to mention how much animals love him, so naturally, it wasn't long before some loveable strays decided to take up residence near the watermelons. That middle black one "Scar" was definitely the ringleader; for some reason, he kept on biting and scratching G, hehe.
And a view from up top, near the windmill blades. There's a small walkway here offering a tranquil spot for a bench repose, near some tomato-red geraniums + a huge expanse of Springtime sky.
Idyllic Spring love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Windmill home: Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88 - Windmill (new!) *mwuahs Charlotte Bartlett*
Kittens: Intrigue Co. @ Collabor88 - Kitschy Kittens (new!) *mwuahs Katherine McGinnis*
Fabric-covered table: -Hanaya- My Summer Cake Table *mwuahs Moriko Inshan*
Long-stemmed roses in a vase: -Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Pink Blush) *mwuahs Moriko Inshan*
Telescope: LISP - Mesh - Kepler Telescope - tex change touch middle -Large *mwuahs Pandora Popstar*
Framed retro astronomy pictures: LISP - Mesh - Hubble Pic - Shooting Star - Brown; Hubble Pic - Comets - Brown; Hubble Pic - Moon - Brown *mwuahs Pandora Popstar* 
Sofa: *Y's HOUSE* - Sofa02 [Denim/White]_Choice!2011.ver 1 - previously free
Watermelons in sofa baskets: +9 - watermelon normal & watermelon GOLD(rez me) - free
Plate of sliced watermelon: +9 - watermelon 1/8 slices dish(rez me) - free