Oct 28, 2012

Trick or Treat.

Some free Halloween treats for you today, courtesy of the Sey triple SIM hunt, the current Sounds Gravis Beach event + the newest lucky board at BCC. This 2-tone purple & black "Elvira" color of this week's new "Rashida" long style by Truth lent some grape color pop to this candy corn-hued look. -- Btw cats are such show-offs, aren't they? This is why I prefer dogs, hehe.
No tricks, just treats love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Hair: Truth - Rashida w/Roots - elvira (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*  
Paper bag: : ) BCC . - Halloween Pumpkin Paper bag LB [box] - group lucky board prize (join group for $0L to touch board) - free 
Leggings: : ) BCC . - Dot leggings Orange Socks - find/buy mini black bat for $0L - free
Dress: AMERIE for Sey Ghost Hunt - Halloween dress (click on ghosts around the Sey SIM to get various prizes) - free
Pumpkin: :SEY -for LOxKE - Halloween 2012 Group Gift - join group for $0L; touch pumpkin on sign - free 
*NOTE: You can get a candy-giver version of this same pumpkin in the Sey Ghost Hunt, in the ghost labeled AMERIE(KAME) Halloween(11/13) - :SEY Halloween-pumpkin bucket(full permission) (click on ghosts around the Sey 3 SIMs to get various prizes) - free 
Chocolate heart earrings: :sey freebies store - Sweets heart *NOTE: this entire mini-store on the Sey SIM is free
Cat: SEY for Sey Ghost Hunt - :SEY Halloween2012-TH (4/7) - :SEY Black cat - (click on ghosts around the 3 Sey SIMs to get various prizes) - free 
Lollipop: Uw.St  for Sey Ghost Hunt - Uw.St Gost Halloween(12/13) (click on ghosts around the 3 Sey SIMs to get various prizes) - free  
Watch: Naminoke @ SGB - *N*Sloppy Watch Green&Pink(sgb gift) - buy sign on pumpkinhead for $0L - free
Nails: *pulcino* - glove nail "Nasi Goreng" WHITE
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*(black-purple)lace dot socks 
Pose: Le Poppycock *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*