Jan 2, 2012

Geek Gods

Happy 2012 everyone! Amidst all the ultra-serious resolutions + firmest of good intentions, I thought we should kick off our SLexy year with a healthy dose o' pure silliness, this time in the form of a geeky new ad for Style Academy (i.e., a perfectly legit excuse to shoot everybody's fave bromance, Gavin + Ethan, stirrin' up trouble here once again). -- I think they both guys look pretty smex all geeked out, don't you agree? 'Specially G with his gangsta grillz braces. Hehe.
In other news, I already I broke my resolution to hit the gym more by baking blueberry muffins today instead. Mmmm muffins.
Strong resolutions, weak willpower love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wishes everybody their best year ever in 2012!)