Sep 22, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

Tons o' new releases to show you, but a quickie freebie look first. -- Check out this oh-so-unique, Pucci-like print dress that you can grab for free at the revamped Yomeshouojo store, which I paired with these free strappy Thermos purses + this week's flower-adorned, wavy long "Brandi" style by Truth to create this confectionery pink look today.
A free salad bowl, free chopsticks + free white quilted thermos purse are just a few of the oodles of gifts in the Add9 group Notices; mah girl Canue Glazner has been making all sorts of scrumptious food-related items too (you've likely already seen her egg toast nom circulating the feeds). Mmmm tasty prim foodz.
In other news, by sheer fortuitous circumstance, I currently find myself in . . . Hawaii! Here's a few quickie shots of Oahu from my phone for your (virtual) vacation enjoyment. -- The water is warm + clear (the darker stuff below is coral) + the temp is a perfect 85 degrees. Also for some reason, the island has a constant breeze going, so the sound of rustling palm fronds is everywhere on the island (the gentle swish-swish sounds particularly tropical at night). Ahhh.
Time for this wahini to grab some grinds + get her day started. A hui hou love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who finds the beaches here totally idyllic, with many totally deserted! A NYCer's paradise . . .)

Hair: Truth - Brandi Streaked - espresso (worn w/ Brandi Hair Flower [red]) (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Color-change thermos (2 worn together): +9 - check water bottle (chest) - join Add9 group in Search for
$0L; tons of group gifts in Notices! (new!) - free
Dress: YOMESHOUOJO - {{FREE}} *Ochan* byYOME SHOUJO - buy 2 red/white hearts on wall labeled "FREE" for
$0L, each next to the 2 lucky boards; another free skin gift here - free
Cupcake earrings: #Before Sleep# - American Bazaar Hunt Gift - Cupcake Earrings - find/buy pink cupcake for
$0L; many more hunt gifts here - free
Pale pink bunny leg tattoo: Happy Mood - HPMD* rabbit tatto lightpink buy square prim on ground near laundry line for
$0L; more gifts on laundry line & others nearby - free
Socks: Before Sleep - DiscoBall #026 - #Before Sleep# - Shorty Bodysuit Socks - find/buy white disco ball for
$0L; many more hunt gifts here - free
Skin: Belleza - Chloe Pale Group gift - $250L paid group gift - free
Shoes: Jimmy Chau - ~( jcshoe )~ bettie RED (creator Jimmy Chau)
.ploom. *mwuahs Steve Cartier*