Sep 3, 2011


That was my doom music!  It's my time to slither into Tesh's blog when she's not looking and post some dark, moody lovin'!  *Gives Tesh spooky kisses*
How amazing is this outfit from Blue Blood?  I swear she pumps out new goodies faster than they can be blogged!  Her  items tend to be very frilly and dolly, which I love, but this time it's very rawr!  There are many options too.  I am also wearing this fun headpiece from Miss Mila's Chappellerie because...well...I love everything the Solidea Folies creator does really!  You should check out the ad picture for it on Flickr HERE to see more of the detail and such.  More information below. :D  *Sneaks back out, leaving a black-frosted cupcake behind*
Clothing: Blue Blood
Headpiece: Miss Mila's Chappellerie
Bracelets: Hermony, free on the marketplace
Umbrella: Old Time Prims, free on the marketplace
Skin: Mango, Mango!
Lip Piercing: Ni.Ju
Hair: Lamb