Apr 4, 2011

Ichigo, Ichiban!

Amidst the oodles of ongoing hunts, I wanted to mention a smaller one called the Strawberry (ichigo) Hunt, featuring about 20 Asian stores on the J Island SIM. I'm wearing the Mr. Poet prize here, this how in tarnation is only $1L? dusty rose oxford + neck scarf, which I paired with the new "Kaelyn" hair by Truth that I just can't seem to take off. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Btw this $1L book tucked under my arm (+ the toppling ice cream cone in the shot below) both hail from the ongoing rebuild of the Drowsy SIM (you can't tell from this pic, but the girl actually "moves" continuously across the page). This freakin' fantastico Bambi fur purse was another find at the Drowsy library, and the unique $20L antlers mirror was a cheapie find on Marketplace (the shadows are by me, lol).
Some participating hunt stores are also offering some spectacular non-hunt gifts just sitting in-store, like this free fuscia brocade jacket also by Mr. Poet (you can find it on a lonely rack by the door). This double strawberry charm necklace is another hunt prize, featuring a pretty blossom charm; such a great find for $1L.
So many hunts, so little time. Grabby looty love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always has time for a li'l grabby looty)


*NOTE: The strawberry (ichigo) hunt started here on April 1; you are hunting for rather small strawberries for $1L each. Use Google Translate to see a participating stores list on the hunt blog here.

1st & 2nd pics:
Hair: Truth - Kaelyn Streaked - champagne (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Scarf & shirt: Mr. Poet - ::Mr.Poet::Dot neckerchief and Pink shirts -
find/buy small strawberry (HINT: what's that boy holding in his mouth?) - $1L
Shoes: ROLY-POLY @ J Island - [ROLY-POLY] -Jelly Beans- ocher - find/buy small strawberry (HINT: wow these shoes look cute enough to demo!) -
Bambi purse: KUROTSUBAKI @ Drowsy - Bambi_bag
Pink teddy barrette: Love Soul - Hair Pin*Bear*Pink
Miniskirt: Luck Inc. - *Linc* Sweaterdress Khaki
Leggings w/ garter: League - Ella Stockings Light Brown-Low waist-Brown Garter
Open book w/ girl moving across pages animation: BP @ Drowsy library - BP*book open201103 - buy on stand -
$1L *mwuahs* to Journey Lorakeet for making sure I scooped this!
e: Everglow @ Pose Fair 2011 (new!) *mwuahs Fanny Willis*
Antlers mirror: Rustic Deer Antler Mirror on SL Marketplace - (creator Jaak Carter) - $20L

3rd pic:
Hair: Truth - Kaelyn Streaked - champagne (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Jacket: Mr. Poet - ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Hakka printed cloth coat - buy on hanger for
$0L - free
Strawberries charm necklace: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **Spring Ruby** necklace - find/buy small strawberry (HINT: My hand is so perfect for holding berries!) -
Earrings: Ruchica - ruchica flower pearl Earrings-large - find/buy small strawberry (HINT: um, walk to the back of the store
) - $1L
Ice cream: BP @ Drowsy - otoshi ice - buy near ice cream cart in outside courtyard for $0L - free
Lace-up tights: Nemesis @ Project FUR Japan - Bike tights honeysuckle
Dress: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_ChiffonRuffleDress_Pink x Red 2 - prior gift - previously free
Purse: Bare Rose @ Project FUR Japan - ::: B@R ::: Blanca Green
Shoes: Pixel Mode - [PM] Pixel Mode : Baby T's - Plain - Pale Pink
Skin: Tres Blah - tb- {Light} Jejune Luminous - Light Winged Brows
Facing forward standing pose:
Everglow @ Pose Fair 2011 (new!) *mwuahs Fanny Willis*
Back shot standing pose: BENT! - rez day gift (new!) *mwuahs Catherine Fairport* - free