Sep 18, 2014

Country Teatime.

And continuing with more scrumptious home decor, Apple Fall has also released a slew of pretties perfect for a country teatime, including 1 of my fave fruits, these delectable blueberries, sitting daintily in a golden-handled bowl.
Country Tea. Country teatime love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Apple Fall @ The Arcade:
Bottle of feathers (on top of dresser): AF Pheasant Feathers (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*

Other new items by Apple Fall:
AF Blueberries (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*
AF Pocket Watch (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*
AF Teacup Rose (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*
AF Teacup Pearls RARE  (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*
AF Rose Bouquet (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*
Apple Fall White Iris (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*
AF Teacup Teal (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall*
Apple Fall Katya's Pipeline Sideboard (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall* 
AF Pheasant Feathers (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall* 
Apple Fall White Iris (new!) *mwuahs Apple Fall* 
AF Decorative Artichokes *mwuahs Apple Fall* 

Other items from The Arcade:
(Yummy) Queen Ring
-tres blah- Workspace - Gold Mason Jar of Roses
B.C.C Lovely Camellia Hair Accessories Blush 1
*CentoPallini* PEARL BUTTON [Ring] Gold (R)