May 12, 2014

Orange Blossoms.

And a quickie shot of this sweet orange blossoms dress (which has already been making the blog rounds) that you must scoopie for the extremely reasonable price of free.
Orange Blossoms.
I love it when creators put the same loving care into their gifties as their items for sale, and it's hard not to notice that there's oodles of loving detail crammed into this li'l dress. The sexy-yet-girlie geometric back cutout alone renders this design so utterly feminine; the retro orange seams, pique fabric texture + Marimekko-like print make this one a standout find. The $1L oval cameo rings offer a sweet accompaniment to this look; if you cruise around the SIM, there's a mini-hunt going on here with some other nice free finds as well, including a nice ensemble of free poses + this free tote bag I'm wearing here.

Orange blossoms love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Orange blossoms dress: Pixicat - Prudence Dress (Flower) (S) - find/buy purple flower for $0L (HINT: "Eye see you!") - free
Oval cameo rings: :Moon Amore: - V-Day RINGS - $1L
Bag: Olegun - Gaia Shoulder Bags 2 - find/buy purple flower for $0L (HINT: "Flower in her hair!") - free
Hair: pr!tty - .Know It All. Fatpack - Honey Brown Highlighted - Wisps - buy sign behind desk, on right side (more gifts on the shelf) - $1L
Skin: Essences - Emma Gift - doux *blonde* - buy sign for $0L - free 
Hairbow: *BOOM* - Taffy_HairBow (Watermelon) - previously free
Shoes: ALB - SINJA heels 3 FREE by AnaLee Balut - join the LAMU group for $0L + stand in front of the SINJA heels display + buy the 3rd shoes in from the left for $0L - free