Feb 3, 2014

Postcards from Grid: Dreaming of The Far Away.

And for your viewing pleasure today, a few snapshots from some recent art installations and other builds from around the grid. This first skeletal yet graceful leafy man sculpture by SL builder Nessuno Myoo is whimsically entitled "In The Game Of Life We Are As Leaves In The Wind," which I first spied on this SL exploration blog here (+ was itching to get a closer look).
LEA20: The Fan Man.
I quite enjoyed the way one enters this part of the LEA20 SIM (where this installation is located): you TP here onto a boat landing huddled with skeletal ghosties, all waiting to board small rafts (which you can do as well by clicking "Sit"); but to see the leafy man sculpture, click on the little brown box instead (tucked discreetly to one side of the platform, with the small red hand above it) + select "TRIM" (short for Temporary Rez Inventory Mess, a curated collection by Eupalinos Ugajin). You'll land amidst a scattering of buildings and structures; zoom around a little until you see the leafy man, near a giant fan (you'll see plenty of other visually striking displays all around).

This little home was secretly hiding nearby, tucked into a giant floating Cubism-inspired wooden floating structure; I found it both daring yet carefree that the greeting sign simply says "Memory."
LEA20: Memory Home. And in non-art installation news, I always love to drift into the BCC store build, where creator Vitamingirl has assembled a serene, dreamy landscape, chock-full of the kind of quiet, wistful tableaus pulled straight out of a Miyazaki film. Just check out this seabound traincar, suspended over rails that lead to nothing but a half-buried wooden sign; I half-expected phantom ghosties to demand a ticket to board.
A Train To Nowhere. As someone who rarely leaves her photo platform, it's pleasantly revitalizing to do some grid-hopping, if only to take a moment to gaze at the wondrous things that SL builders and creators have so carefully assembled for our visual enjoyment. Plus who knows? You might even pick up some fresh inspiration for your own (RL or SL) creations along the way.

Postcards from the grid love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Winter Waters.