May 29, 2013

Basic Instincts.

The trouble with gathering fierce dinosaurs together around a watering hole? Why, their basic prehistoric instincts taking over, 'natch.
And We Wonder Why They Went Extinct. Sammy the Sabertooth Tiger: This water will help get all these lazy sods nice + clean for my tasty dinner.  
Bones the Dinosaur: Help! I've fallen + I can't get up!
Trex (eyeing Bones): Dinner!
Stella the Stegasaurus (eyeing Bones): Dinner!
Pizza the Plesiosaurus (eyeing palm trees): Dinner!
Bronx (to nearby Bronxette): Nuzzle me quick, so they don't notice us for dinner!
Wooly mammoth (to no one in particular): I'm so nervous I just tooted!

And we wonder why they went extinct. Basic instincts love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Dinosaur plushies (left to right): Intrigue Co. @ The Arcade - Plushie Pals: Pizza the Plesiosaurus; Sammy the Sabertooth Tiger; Bronx the Brontosaurus (standing by Bronxette, the Brontosaurus); Bones the Dinosaur - RARE; Thunder the T-rex; Moe the Mammoth; & Stella the Stegosaurus; posed around Plushie Pals: Water Hole (new!) *mwuahs Katharine McGinnis*