Sep 11, 2012

Random Mini- LOTD

Hi all!  I haven't posted here in a bazillion years (apparently according to spell check bazillion is a real word...never knew that) but when I saw Tesh over at Free*Style it reminded me how I need to sneak in here for a change.  I usually come in and post something weird or spooky or creepy or something but today I am celebrating back to school!  In my photos my avs are looking over their shoulders to make sure I can post this before Tesh comes in and chases me out.  I am assuming she would chase me out of the blogging kitchen by poking/shooing me toward the door with some sort of pink, sparkly broom, while she was wearing some sort of fabulous, designer apron.
Anyway, back to school!  Yes!  I wanted a bit of a bookworm look but still sexy cute cool so hopefully I pulled that off.  Most of this is mesh, some is free, all is fantabulous.  Check it out!
Pants w/Belt: Ribbon, gacha item (mesh)
Top: Schadenfreude (mesh)
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Lipstick: Mother Goose's, 60L pack of lipsticks
Books: DMD @ Marketplace
Glasses: Umeboshi, group gift in store
Glove Nails: AlaskaMetro @ Marketplace, free
Hair: Fashionably Dead (mesh)
Have Fun!