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Jul 12, 2013

Smelly Detour.

When finding oneself lost in the sewer pipes, it helps to have goggles (for mysterious wet things that might spray you), boots (for stepping in mysterious wet things) + a popsicle (to distract from the smell). Also, a  feisty elephant guide ('specially one with a perky bowtie) are the best guides for helping find your way out of the drains.
Rusty Corner. Hmmm. It's possible that I got a dud.
Sewage Vista. Many thanks to creator Blake Rage for allowing me to shoot in his deliciously detailed, rusted-out build for his Avoid store. Smelly detour love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Cowboy hat hair (comes w/ hat): TRUTH HAIR -  Jill - LightBlondes01Fade (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Dress: DRIFT - GI Jane Dress [MESH] M Curvy-Green Camo (new!) *mwuahs Kallisto Destiny*
Gray elephant: Kirin @ Collabor88 - My Little Elephant Yellow - Pose 1 (new!) *mwuahs Carolina Sautereau*
Pink elephant: Kirin @ Collabor88 - My Little Elephant Pink - Pose 3   (new!) *mwuahs Carolina Sautereau*
Daisy leg tats: LaGyo for DU4_Daffodil tattoo  long 1 (creator Gyorgyna Larnia)
Skin: Essences - *CHO skin* ~ Light Rose 02 ~ blonde (new!) *mwuahs Inka Mexicola* 
Eyes: IKON - Ascension Eyes - Nymph (ML) (new!) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*
Boots: (fd) @ The Arcade (previous round) - Bossy Boots - Floral Pink + Orange; worn with (fd) - Bossy Boots Socks - White *mwuahs Toast Bard*
Popsicle: (Ag) - Popsicle Cherry (included in (Ag) - popsicle lipstains) - (creator Amiee Galicia)
Ring: HUDSON'S Clothing Co. - Large Diamond Ring Mens *Resizer* - group gift - free
Goggles: [Kumaki Glasses Style] - K_gs Fledermaus/DKH4 - #004 DKH - find/buy cat head for $0L (HINT: cats actually DO like water!) - free

shot at: DirtyDerp (creator Blake Rage)

Jun 1, 2013


Every girl knows that summer means maxi dress time; unfortunately, it can be like a fashionista "Where's Waldo" to find ones with unique or cute prints (trust me -- in any life). Which is why I so particularly loved this whimsical dog + lion stencil one that's new by Baiastice: not only is the print a fun mix of cute animal outlines, but this neutral taupe color makes it work so easily with any accessories.
Southwesternized. I added more pretty things from The Arcade for a southwestern touch (check out the scrumptious leather textures of this backpack!) as well as a bit o' East Coast color in the form of this scrumptious orange & vanilla ice cream, i.e., what's gotta be the quintessential East Coast summer treat (RL note here: if you've never sampled the rich, creamy, swirled heaven of icy orange creamsicle soft serve -- sprouted like an ethereal miracle from the seedy, bar-soaked boardwalks of the Jersey Shore -- you have not yet truly lived, friends).

And now for the headdress.
Feathered & Cameoed. It's already been blogged to death, but I just couldn't resist: the extreme degree of loving detail, the just-so angles of the scarlet head ribbon + side feathers, all of it is just too delicious for words. Plus you get a close-up of why Glam Affair's newest "Lulu" skin has so quickly become my (and everyone else's) absolute utter obsession. -- Even for those who already own Glam Affair everything: trust me. This one is, as my good friend Sophia Harlow put it, OMG Good.

Enjoy this round of The Arcade, which opens today! Your $L are toast, but good.

Southwesternized love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

*NOTE: A reminder to check The Arcade Official Shopping Guide here before you get in, to shop organized-style!

1st pic:
Dress: Baiastice - Hina Maxi dress-print-dogs lions-size M (new!) *mwuahs Sissy Pessoa*
Snake cuff: Baiastice - Snake Bracelet-copper-left (new!) *mwuahs Sissy Pessoa* 
Leather cuff: Baiastice @ The Arcade - Triple Piramid Studs Leather Cuff-nude- Right (new!) *mwuahs Sissy Pessoa*
Friendship bracelets: *BOOM* @ The Arcade - Knit Friendship Bracelet (pattern red) RT; Friendship Bracelet (Lime) LFT; & Knit Friendship Bracelet (two beat as one bottom) LT (new!) *mwuahs Aranel Ah* 
Boots: (fd) @ The Arcade - Bossy Boots - Plain Tan (new!) *mwuahs Toast Bard* 
Ice cream: ::{u.f.o}:: @ The Arcade - i scream, you scream - orange with cone (new!) *mwuahs Charming Meiler*
Necklace: (NO) @ The Arcade - Vintage Portrait Necklace - Cha-Cha (new!) *mwuahs Polyester Partridge*
Headband: Tee*fy @ The Arcade - Feather Crown Headband RARE (new!) *mwuahs Azure Electricteeth* 
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ @ The Arcade - Lory Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Gingerbread - RARE (new!) *mwuahs MissAllSunday Lemon*
Ring: Shakeup! @ The Arcade - Fabric-Flower Ring [Boho Coral] (new!) *mwuahs Carrie Janick*
Skin: Glam Affair @ The Arcade - Lulu 05 DK (new!) *mwuahs Anya Ohmai* 
Backpack: Tee*fy @ The Arcade - Leather-Made Goat Head  Backpack Brown Dots (new!) *mwuahs Naminaeko
Arm tattoo: Flasher - Military Love (anyone who wants this, please IM me)
Eyes: IKON - Vanity Eyes - Dew (ML) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*

2nd pic:
Headpiece: Tee*fy @ The Arcade -Tee*fy Feather Headdress RARE (new!) *mwuahs Azure Electricteeth* 
Dress: Tee*fy @ The Arcade - Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress Creme S (new!) *mwuahs Azure Electricteeth* 
Snake cuff: Baiastice - Snake Bracelet-copper-right (new!) *mwuahs Sissy Pessoa*  
Necklaces: (NO) @ The Arcade - Vintage Portrait Necklaces - Cha-Cha;  Dr. Fishopolis; & Buddy (new!) *mwuahs Polyester Partridge* 
Woven bracelet: *BOOM* @ The Arcade - Knit Friendship Bracelet (pattern red) RT (new!) *mwuahs Aranel Ah* 
Skin: Glam Affair @ The Arcade - Lulu 05 DK (new!) *mwuahs Anya Ohmai* 
Eyes: IKON - Vanity Eyes - Coffee (ML) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia* 
All poses: .ploom. - Nicki (new!) *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*

Dec 10, 2012

Winter Cheer.

Prints + colors are such an easy way to cheer up winter. And bear iceys, hehe.
Today's looks incorporate more new goodies that you can find at Collabor88 + The Arcade. Check out this sky blue print dress by R2 that's scattered with happy spring blossoms; beautifully draped scarves by FATEwear (you get an impressive number of options re: how to drape the scarf!) + 2 more new styles by Truth, both featuring those beautifully smex pouffed-up crowns + your choice of either bangless updo ("Chynna") or sideswept longer locks ("Moxie"). Some fun gifties like  free Xmas balls jewelry, a $10L hair bow fatpack by LaViere + my fave steal of the weekend, these half-zipped boots by SLink, rounded out these cheerful looks.
Winter cheer love + fashionista kisses to all!


Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Blue & red look:
Hair: Truth - Moxie w/Roots - barbie (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks* 
Dress: R2 @ Collabor88 - r2 A/D/E dress"matsushima"{XS}nadeshiko (new!) *mwuahs Rei2 Aya*
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Amberly - Europa Frostbite 01 Bl (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Bag: The Secret Store @ The Arcade - Tiny Satchel - Mint Sparkle (new!) *mwuahs Maylee Oh* 
Scarf: FATEwear @ The Arcade - Scarf - Granger - Snowflakes (DWS)(S) (new!) *mwuahs Damien Fate* 
Boots: Slink @ Dressing Room Fusion - Vanity Boots Tan - $70L (new!)
Double bows headband: loveme - red twin ribbon (creator Callia Pearl) *mwuahs Callia Pearl*  
Leggings: Emery - Legging Zip Under
Socks (worn over leggings): Rotten Toe - fuscia heart break socks
Mittens: *League* - Sheepskin Mittens Light Brown 
Ice: [Love Soul] - Shaved Ice*Bear-Mix*
Pose: Le Poppycock *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*

Lavendar look:
Hair: Truth - Chynna - lava; worn with Truth Hairbase - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks* 
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Amberly - Europa Frostbite 01 Rav (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Dress: (fd) @ Collabor88 - Collar Dress (Lilac, XXSMALL) (new!) *mwuahs Toast Bard* 
Scarf: FATEwear @ The Arcade - Scarf - Granger - PianoKey (SWF)(XS) (new!) *mwuahs Damien Fate* 
Radio: Tee*fy @ The Arcade - Cassette Radio Um (new!) *mwuahs Vixie Rayna*
Socks: .::YoPulga::. - Owl Socks (FatPack) (new!)
Knee socks (top parts only worn): (fd) @ Collabor88 - Knee High Mesh Socks (Bubblegum, XSMALL) (new!) *mwuahs Toast Bard*
Eyes: IKON - Eternal Eyes - Peak (M) - paid group gift - free *NOTE: group gifts are for limited days only! (new!)  *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*
Shoes: G Field "Alex" suede 16col 
Hair bow: LaViere - Candy Bow (Lavender) - $10L fatpack 
Necklace & earrings: [: B!ASTA :] - :BAUBLES: Jewelry set - CSH gift (find/buy round ornament for $0L - free 
Pose: .ploom. - Poses - Illusive *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*

Sep 11, 2012

Random Mini- LOTD

Hi all!  I haven't posted here in a bazillion years (apparently according to spell check bazillion is a real word...never knew that) but when I saw Tesh over at Free*Style it reminded me how I need to sneak in here for a change.  I usually come in and post something weird or spooky or creepy or something but today I am celebrating back to school!  In my photos my avs are looking over their shoulders to make sure I can post this before Tesh comes in and chases me out.  I am assuming she would chase me out of the blogging kitchen by poking/shooing me toward the door with some sort of pink, sparkly broom, while she was wearing some sort of fabulous, designer apron.
Anyway, back to school!  Yes!  I wanted a bit of a bookworm look but still sexy cute cool so hopefully I pulled that off.  Most of this is mesh, some is free, all is fantabulous.  Check it out!
Pants w/Belt: Ribbon, gacha item (mesh)
Top: Schadenfreude (mesh)
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Lipstick: Mother Goose's, 60L pack of lipsticks
Books: DMD @ Marketplace
Glasses: Umeboshi, group gift in store
Glove Nails: AlaskaMetro @ Marketplace, free
Hair: Fashionably Dead (mesh)
Have Fun!

Jan 2, 2012


"Some men see things as they are and ask why.
Others dream things that never were and ask why not."
- George Bernard Shaw

Isn't the turning of a new year great? We can all set aside the shadows of past days and sincerely aim for happier times ahead. As a concept, it waxes poetic; put into action, it's a propelling self-determination that we can all hopefully embrace more than just once a year. -- Personally, I'm always tickled by the idea that there's an actual calendared date by which we are supposed to dream of bigger and better things; here's hoping your 2012 brings you something exquisitely lovely, in the most wonderful and unexpected way.

Happy new year love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Wedge boots: Maitreya - Maitreya Alexa Wedges * Coffee m-l (new!) *mwuahs Onyx Leshelle*
Tank top: The Plastik - :[P]:-Swallow's Flight://-J-Red
(new!) *mwuahs Aikea Rieko*
ngs: Hate Me and Eat Me - h.m.a.e.m. - basha earings - jupiter (new!) *mwuahs Riri Bazar*
Necklace: Donna Flora - CARAMEL necklace
*mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Dark silver cuff: Erratic - cuff / silver (R)
*mwuahs Erratic Rain*
Thermos: (cluttered) flowey - cluttered. winter soup thermos - paid group gift -
Hair: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Flowers - Grayscale 4 -
final $50L Fridays
Backpack: DECO - MESH SlingPack female (pond) -
final $50L Fridays
Watch: Kari - Barb Watch FLF -
final $50L Fridays
Leggings: Tee*fy - Floral Vintage Cyan - final $50L Fridays
Socks: AMERIE - Knee high socks(chocolate)
Pose: Le Poppycock (new!) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*

Oct 4, 2011

Black Currant

The cold weather snap means sweater dresses season, and I felt warm 'n' cuddly in this new soft brown one by Fishy Strawberry.
A demure strand of black pearls and this heavy-bangs, gathered hair by 69 (be sure to grab all the styles you want before this store closes) dressed up an 'specially emo-faced $50L skin by Fashionably Dead, featuring this deliciously smeared lipstick. I couldn't resist a li'l sugar, so I added a yummy black currant lolli (also 1 of my fave popsicle flavors, btw) that you can grab for free at House of Sanu.

How is it that SL prim foodz always affects one's RL cravings? Black currant love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's now on the prowl for some black currant icey treats!)


*Fishy Strawberry* @ 4.44.4444 - *Fishy Strawberry* Four Dress (with Belt) Brown - $44L (new!) *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Black pearl necklace: Donna Flora - MARTA necklace (new!) *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Earrings: Donna Flora - WILLA earrings (new!) *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Lollipop: Sanu - Cupcakes: The Great Pumpkin Hunt- Sanu - 2 of 2 - *Sanu Lollipop Special Blackcurrant - find/buy 2 pumpkins that are $0L for this + another free lollipop floater treat - free
Hair: [ 69 ] - SMINC - Mocha - $150L (or $99L with paid group tag) store closing sale
Skin: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Bird Skin - Shark
(3 skins included; *NOTE: this sale item is still available; buy the sign on the wall outside the store) - $50L Fridays
Feathers necklace: Atelier AM - .+*AA*+.Feather&bullets black(S)
Pose: Everglow (new!) *mwuahs Fanny Willis*

Jul 13, 2011

Greedy Gratis Gimmies

I've been doing a bit of RL traveling lately, so when I saw these free sticker-tagged suitcases by The Kid Company, I knew I had to build a comfy casual look around 'em.
It's also been a minute since I've shown some gifties, so I thought it'd be fun to style a 100% gratis look for you today. Everything here -- including the pose + these bunnehs (their tiny hearts actually pulse + "beat," awwws!) -- is free or $1L, including some nice grabbies from Hair Fair 2011 (which ends in just a couple days!), and a new hunt called Greedy (gotta luhs that name).

Greedy gratis gimmies love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's still greedy for the gratis gimmies)


*NOTE: This look is a combination of gifts from Truth District, Hair Fair 2011 + the new Greedy Hunt that just kicked off (official hints list here) + group gifts. Now go get your gimmies!

Hot Mess T-shirt: SM:USH - Hot Mess T-Shirt - GH - 22 - [ SM:USH ] - Greedy Hunt prize (find/buy strawberry for $0L) - free
Denim miniskirt: Grixdale @ Truth District - Grixdale. Truth District - Update Group Gift - join Truth District Updates group + touch display; many more gifts here - free
Hair feather headband: Pr!tty @ Hair Fair 2011 - Local Native :
Feathers + Forehead Band : Version 2 : - $1L
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat @ Hair Fair 2011 - [RA] Petunia II Hair - Brown Bittersweet - free
Skin: Ploom @ Hair Fair 2011 - .ploom. Maia_Vanilla - BL - Eyeliner 2 *NOTE: THIS LIPSTICK IS NOT INCLUDED, just done quickly by me in Photoshop 'cuz I couldn't find a pink one in my black hole of an inventory, le grrr! - free
Bracelet: Zenith Fashion - GH - 04 - [ ZENITH FASHION ] - Dice Bracelet R (Colorful) - Greedy Hunt prize (find/buy strawberry for $0L) - free
Nose whipped cream: Needful Things - ::LEO-NT:: MY YUMMY NOSE<3 .:* GREEDY HUNT *:. - Greedy Hunt prize (find/buy strawberry for $0L) - free
Luggage: the kid company - going away suitcases (several included; options for each hand) - free
Bunny (on luggage): ::Ragdoll's cut:: - Sweet Bunny - GH - shoulder - GH - 15 - [ Ragdoll's ] - Greedy Hunt prize (find/buy strawberry for $0L) - free
ls: Pulcino - *pulcino*twinklestar nail(blue star) - free
: Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair 2011 - (fd) Cross Necklace (Silver) - free
Roller skates: justB - rolling with justB roller skates - join group for $0L + look in Notices - free
Socks: DCNY @ Truth District - DCNY_Sporty Socks_Vermillion/Warm Grey - join Truth District Updates group + touch big sign near door; many more gifts here - free
Pose: Glitterati @ Truth District - join Truth District group + touch 4 signs; many more gifts here - free

Jul 8, 2011

How To Arrive Fashionably Late

There's a new CHIC Management event kicking off every week, starting this Sunday at 4 pm SLT. Expect this new series -- smartly dubbed "Fashionably Late" -- to host the usual stellar roster of designers, including Fishy Strawberry creator Fae Eriksen, who's debuting this summery, club-ready sequin minidress that I loved in a frosted metallic hue. Shimmery nude ankle booties by House of Fox, a messy new LOGO shoulder-length hair + some dark-toned accessories helped dress up this casual, fawn-colored look.
For any fellow hat fiends, I wanted to note this exceptional straw cap by Tram; it's already been plastered all over the feeds 'cuz it's impeccably textured (I totes recommend picking one up immediatement).

Always + forevs fashionably late love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


*NOTE: the new "Fashionably Late" weekly shopping event opens at 4 pm SLT this Sunday; check the CHIC Management blog here for more information.

Dress & belt: Fishy Strawberry @ Fashionably Late - *Fishy Strawberry* Gleam Top Gold & *Fishy Strawberry* Sequins Gradation Skirt Gold (coming soon!), worn with *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Belt *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Necklace: Magoa @ Fashionably Late - Shake that tailfeather necklace (coming soon!) *mwuahs Keira Seerose*
Hat: Tram @ RandoMuseum - *anchor cap 5
(new!) *mwuahs Moca Loup*
Boots: House of Fox - HouseofFox :: ArchBoots[Nude] (new!) *mwuahs Fashionboi Landar + Jared Jharls*
Hair: LOGO @ Hair Fair 2011 - Leona/Caramel (new!) *mwuahs Sakuri Myanamotu*
Black stone choker necklace: Mood - ::MOOD:: Trei Choker (new!)*mwuahs Jori Walter*
Leggings: Reila Skins - Leggings II 8 1 (new!) *mwuahs Reila Karu*
Socks: White lace socks: Pink Ribbon 21 @ Twinkle Night Bazaar - *TNB*PR21-LACE Socks (new!) -
Sunglasses (on hand): Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair 2011 - (fd) Creeper Shades - Hair Fair Love! (new!) - free
Silver cuff bracelet: Erratic @ Le.Look! - erratic / cuffs / silver
Skin: LAQ ~ Mini - [Milky] 01
Pose: Tea (creator Tea Soup)

Jul 3, 2011

Getcha Hair Did: Shorties Showcase

Hair Fair 2011 is upon us + proceeds from all of the styles will benefit Wigs for Kids (vs offering individual donation "styles") -- thus assuring that everyone most def shops for charity. *mwuahs Sasy Scarborough, Ashia Tomsen + all the Hair Fair 2011 team*
I've been wearing lots o' longer styles recently, so I was particularly interested what "shortie" styles were on offer this year. These were some of the cutest I've found so far; I must add that this poofy, mini-ponys updo above by Illusory is just my flav of supergirlie.
I ran into mah girl Estella Magic at the blogger's preview, who convinced me to try this newish "Mad" color pack by Lamb (does this rich, candy-coated color remind you of a triple-flavor Napoleon ice cream for the head or what)? Luhs!
This samurai mini-pony updo by Wasabi Pills was so freakin' adorables that I just had to show it to you (fair warning: I wasn't able to mod it, but I've also been experiencing some chronic @#$! viewer issues). -- Stylistically, I really love it when styles successfully marry a bit o' bad girl with a bit o' kawaii. -- As in, See mah big badass gun mister? Just you look at it whilst I finish this here pink ice cream. Hehe.

Shortie styles love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who was recently tipped off that my Hair Fair contest pic somehow made its way onto the main "Events" page of the SL site! Wuuut?!)


*NOTE: A comprehensive SLurl listing by store is essential to make this 4-SIM event a lot easier to navigate; you can find one on the official Hair Fair 2011 blog here. There's a ton of gifts at this event (already all over the feeds), but the point truly is to shop for charity, so demo + shop away!

1st pic:
Hair: Illusory @ Hair Fair 2011 - .ILLUSORY. Hair_Yew - Strawberry
Shoes: R2 @ Twinkle Night Bazaar - "Iulai" Red (new!) *mwuahs Rei2 Aya*
Skin: Pink Fuel - [PF] Elly - Rockabilly (rdbrow/freck), worn with [PF] Elly Doll Gloss (Orange) (new!) *mwuahs Mochi Milena*
Earrings: Donna Flora - ABIGALE turquoise set#1
(new!) *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Bracelet & ring: Donna Flora - ABIGALE turquoise set#2
(new!) *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Midsummer Dream Dress Silver (new!) *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Star purse: Tou Fromc @ Twinkle Night Bazaar - [Tou Fromc*]TNB_star handbag_free
(new!) - $1L
Chest pearls w/ ribbon brooch: Chocolate Atelier @ Twinkle Night Bazaar - ::c.A.:: Milky Way brooch "Twinkle Night"
(new!) - free
Stars headband: Pink Ribbon 21 @ Twinkle Night Bazaar - *TNB*PR21-STAR Hair Band
(new!)- $1L
Top: Whippet & Buck @ Truth District - [W&B] Claven Lace Blouse EGGSHELL - join Truth District Updates group for
$0L + click boxes (new!) - free
Necklace: Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair 2011 - (fd) Cross Necklace (Silver)
(new!) - free
Socks: DCNY @ Truth District - DCNY_Sporty Socks_Vermillion/Warm Grey - join Truth District Updates group for
$0L + click boxes (new!) - free
Pose: Ploom @ Hair Fair 2011
(new!) - free

2nd pic:
Hair: Lamb @ Hair Fair 2011 - !lamb. Our Deal - Right-Brained
Skin: Pink Fuel - [PF] Elly - Baby Doll (ltbrow/freck), worn with [PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick - (Coral Splash) (new!) *mwuahs Mochi Milena*

3rd pic:
Hair: Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair 2011 - Libby Hair - Night shadow

Pink Fuel - [PF] Elly - Baby Doll (dkbrow/freck), worn with [PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick - (Vamp) (new!) *mwuahs Mochi Milena*

Apr 19, 2011

Boho Chic

A fabby free tomato red skirt by Acid & Mala inspired this bohemian look today, composed almost entirely of other recent free gifties including this free sunflowers bunch by Olive Juice, some free smexeh schoolteacher glasses + a precious free anime bunneh purse by Tokidoki. The new "Denise" long hair by Truth added a beachy, unkempt feel to this breezy daytime look.
Here's this same ensemble worn with the free grass green jacket by The Secret Store (featuring this purple floral brooch + retro mod collar) + a free nail/leafy hand tat combo by Pulcino that I can't seem to take off. -- Btw these flowers are for Gavin 'cuz he put some Cheetos in the bed, hehe.
Huge *mwuahs* to mah girl Dailyn Holfe for helping this hunt-challenged fashionista grab these finds (lame hunters unite indeed, lol)! Scooperista love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's finally back in the city after some crazy RL traveling!)


Hair: Truth - Denise - almond (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Pearl jewelry: Donna Flora - SUSY pearl set *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Nails: Pulcino @ TFC Aikane Lani - *pulcino*Grass tattoo Nail(pink) - group gift - free *mwuahs Piyogorou Aichi*
Purse: Tokidoki - (TokiD) bunny bag (seasons hunt) -arm - Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Glasses: Epoque - (epoque) Catlady Frames - Perennial
- Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Top: Tres Blah - tb- Floral Chemise (Seasons Hunt)
- Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Skirt: Acid & Mala - .:A&M:. Menorca Dress - Red - M&MH Item - Mix and Match Hunt prize - find/buy purple flower for
$0L (*NOTE: this hunt goes until 4/23 only!) - free
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer - Poppy & Benzoic #4 - Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Head sprout: Duboo - saessak (chin)
- Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Green jacket (w/ flower brooch): The Secret Store - Eglantine - Spring Moss -
Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Flower bunch (w/ pose): Olive Juice - Spring Fling (wear me) - Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Pendant necklace: Concrete Flowers - CONCRETE FLOWERS- MY OWN TREE NECKLACE
- Seasons Hunt Spring gift (find/buy bee for $0L) - free
Red beaded necklace: Tokidoki - (TokiD) big spheres red necklace (paid group gift; 2 more necklaces included) - free (*NOTE: $150L group join fee!)
Skin: Tres Blah - tb- {Pale} Blessa: Excuses - Dark Brows
Hair feathers: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Hair Stuff (Puddy Tat)
Le Poppycock *mwuahs Julliette Bade*

Feb 25, 2011

Banana Fana Cut Me To The Strawberry Quick

Here's a supercas banana fana fo fana look I threw together, made up primarily of free gifties that you can scoopie around the grid. With some strawberry flav tossed in.
The skin I'm wearing is the new "Emery" face by Grixdale that's debuting at Skin Fair 2011; be sure to check out the funky "undereye" shadow makeups here too, for anyone wanting something a bit more unique for their avi (I'm obsessed with the "Robin" blue color).
Strawberry banana love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who used to luhs both strawberry + banana Quick)


Skin: Grixdale @ Skin Fair 2011 - Grixdale - Emery - caramel - Parsnip(Night) frex (new!) *mwuahs Tyr Rozenblum*
Ring: Indyra Originals - Silver Catalan Ring-Pink (bright) (new!) *mwuahs Indyra Seigo*
Hair: Truth - Neve Streaked - bubblegum *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Lotus tattoo: Nestle My Bosom - {nmb} lovely lotus tattoo *mwuahs Demi Ellisson*
Skirt: Y&R - TVDH.::Y&R::. Flower dots skirt - TVDH - 81 - .::Y&R::. - The Valentine Diva Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for
$0L) - free
Sneakers + striped socks: NOSOTR@S - .::NOSOTR@S::. Sweet Valentin - TVDH - 79 - The Valentine Diva Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for
$0L) - free
Top: .Mocha. - Malua .Yellow. 1 - KTMH #33 {.Mocha.} -
Sunglasses: Needful Things - ::LEO-NT:: DIVA Glasses
- The Valentine Diva Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for $0L) - free
Earrings + necklace: Mustang Trading Post - TVDH - 44 - *Mustang Trading Post - The Valentine Diva Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for
$0L) - free
Hair feathers: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Hair Stuff (Puddy Tat)
Vest: Phoenix Rising - Phoenix Rising- Laced Ambitions Quilted Vest w/Hood (Black)
Pink zebra cuff: Pr!tty : Common Bracelet - Hot Pink Zebra (creator
Chantal Soderstrom) - previously free
Bandaids: Reek - Ouch! Bandaid Knees
Bag: Emery - HandBag R.F.
Poses: XBordeau

Jan 12, 2011

Year of the (Lucky) Rabbit

Creator Irie Campese has placed most of her So Many Styles store at 50% off until 1/13/11 (i.e., for a very short time), which means an awes opportunity to stock up on this fashionista candy brand. *feebly passes Irie any remaining $L*
The yellow sweater I'm wearing underneath is free by Doppelganger + the meanie shoulder teddy (he says snooty things in chat if you click him) was a $10L gatcha grab at Naminoke, which is also giving away this free rabbit + tiger doll silliness below (presumably, a play on the 2011 year of the rabbit overtaking 2010's year of the tiger).
Lucky year of the rabbit love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can use all the rabbit luck she can get)


Skin: Curio - :GP: Sundust Frex [Dark] Ice Queen-Charcoal 2 *mwuahs Gala Phoenix*
Yellow sweater: Doppelganger Inc. - Lucky Chair - Wrapped Cardigan - Yellow - group lucky chair prize (join Gala & Rita Announcements group for $0L to sit on chair; flip time is approx 8 mins) - free
2 little ones: Naminoke - *N*BUNNYGIRL2011_gift (buy sign on wall for $0L near entryway) - free
Red teddy pet: Naminoke - *CF*Pet&TIp(GACHAkuma)EN - $10L gatcha
Jacket: So Many Styles - {SMS} Another Vintage Jacket Red - previously free
Bracelets: So Many Styles - {SMS} Feather Bracelet Red -
50% off sale
Earrings: So Many Styles - {SMS} Feather Earrings Red -
50% off sale
Necklace: So Many Styles - {SMS} Feather Necklace Red -
50% off sale
Skirt: So Many Styles - {SMS} Feather Skirt Red/Beige -
50% off sale
Purse: So Many Styles - {SMS} Retro Mini Bag Red -
50% off sale
Hair: Amacci - Hair Mira ~ Black Coal - $85L hair sale
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*gacha-cutie leggings04 - $35L gatcha
Headband: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Black Bow Headband for Twins hair -
previously free
Birdcage tattoo: Kobilica - kobilica. bird cage
Boots: BAX - Prestige Boots Red Suede
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

Dec 25, 2010

Black & White Christmas

Now that we've all had enough of red & green to last, well, the next 11 months, here's a black & white look that I donned for my trip to the art gallery today.
The top + skirt are a free holiday gift by Morea Style; some older free Shampooo white dotted leggings + free schoolgirl socks by Arai complimented the 2-tone look + this fabby free auburn hair by Anaphora added a punch of rich color.

Merry Christmas dear SLexy readers! Happy holidays love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's already slipping into post-holiday food coma)


Hair: Anaphora - [Anaphora]_Ariel_Carnelian - group gift (look in Notices) - free
Black & white top + skirt: Morea Style - Collection MOREA STYLE casual Gift Merry christmas* amber* - free
: Laq - LAQ ~ Vilda *Christmas gift* [Nougat] Glow skin (Blonde) (click subcribo, then "1") - free
Shampooo - Shampooo Group gift kirakiratorenga - group gift - free
Arai - socks_004 (buy in shelving unit for $0L)- free
Choker + earrings: Donna Flora
- Donna Flora-Jewelry Fair 2010 Gift - NOREZ (*NOTE: new free choker/earrings jewelry + Xmas outfit gift today! Buy sign of Xmas girl in courtyard for $0L) - previously free
Bow: Reiko - reiko-kabotya-hana-belt - free
Eyeshadow makeup:
Elegant Epiphany - tm Center - previously free
Headband: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Black Bow Headband for Twins hair -
previously free
SLink - SLink Lara Pumps Black SL2 - previously free
Pose: XBordeau