Dec 1, 2011

hi :DDD

both pants : celoe. lolong.trousers.cement
both gloves : celoe. mery.gloves.rust

coat : ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: ( part of )Peacoat and Pleated shirt-Vest set (Beige)
shirts : {Gisaci} Cambridge Aufren White wSafari
vest : Long Vest (Brown)
necklace : Atelier AM lariate and pearl necklace (champagne)
bag : Color.Me.H.O.F VanDerSatchel (Brown)
glasses : DECO Swank Glasses Polka Dots (Grape) [ past hunt prize ]
hair ( with hat ) : lamb. Rejector (Powder)
skin : (fashionably dead) Bird Skin Dust 6 (Blonde Brows)
pose : Le Poppycock Like you live inside my head

jacket : Emery Jacket Sheena (Black)
tank : ISON floral applique wrap tank
scarf : (Milk Motion) My vintage scarf
necklace : Atelier AM Pearl and chain necklace (gold) [ past gacha ]
bag : HouseofFox Richie Handbag (Emerald /w Feathers)
earrings : [bellballs] My Crucifix Earrings (Gold)
glasses : duboo. soosunwha pipe&glasses (glasse1)
belt : {Cherry} Kimori Skinny Belt (brown)
hair : lamb. Witch (Burnt Orange)
skin : (fashionably dead) Bird Skin Dust 6 (Blonde Brows)
lashes : [Detour] Klee Dot Lashes
pose : Le Poppycock Angelheaded hipster

from Hibari Foden