Aug 14, 2010

Beyond That Filthy Cute Door

Creator Fade Lei has conjured an eye-popping urban wonderland in her new Filthy Cute build that Gavin + I had a chance to check out last night. -- Me, I always chill at the train station in my undies.
(Actually I had just scooped these $1L skivvies + free pose at the 3rd Annual Starlust Panty Raid + wanted to show 'em to ya. Heh.)

This detail-crammed build is made for exploring: there's so many hidden secrets, like this stunning room near the train station.
The Red Light district. You can actually pole dance in each of those square glass enclosures.
There's a maze of underground tunnels a bit lower in the build. Whimsical touches are everywhere, like these blue footprints skipping across the top.
Here's what this particular tunnel led to: a thriving fungal bed, glowing amidst the graffiti.
This tunnel was a bit scarier, with jail cells + a bloody mess everywhere. A giant whirring saw blade was waiting at the end.
You can "fall" into the sewer and see this room, where slime oozes messily over each rusty wall. The textures, the ooze . . . you can almost smell this place. Ewww.
This was another hidden room in the tunnels, full of trash + creatures tucked away in the pipes.
We also discovered this purple "hairy" room, with giant red blinking eyes that glowed + stared sleepily at us. See how brave G is.
Turn your graphics way up + play with your sky settings for max visual enjoyment. SL explorer love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really needs to enable shadows already! *kicks 2.0*)


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