Jul 1, 2010

Utopians Fashion Weekend

A weekend of fashion at Utopians.

There I was sunning myself in Sardinia ( yes, even "moi" needs a proper holiday ) and I stupidly switched on the blackberry to see if Hugh had remembered to send me the link to the Milan shoot contact sheets.... and (omg) there was a message from Louise McWinnie, she was setting up a fashion weekend at my Gallery complex ( btw, we have some fab new artist showing, make sure you have a wander around ), anyway, omg! this wekend too!
So... Back to blighty I fly and hurriedly tie back my hair, roll up my sleeves and begin to order and direct the staff around, setting up for the show (my staff are so very good, and I wouldn't want to break any nails ).

Everyone, you are ALL invited to the "Utopians Fashion Weekend" on the
3rd (casuals and trendy)
MEB Fashion
and 4th July ( Haute Couture).
Eshi Otowara

There will be designer displays up all day and a Fashion show @ 1pm(slt) each day.

Louise tells me the high and mighty of sl fashion and press will be there, (I'm telling you now, if they're not! grrrr, I'm gonna pond hop & join Tesh, never to return),they will be there Phewwwwey!

xxxx Rene.


Gavin said...

Hey Rene I'll be there and I'm sure Tesh will be there too. It sounds like all of the SL fashion power players will be at your show. It sucks that you're vacation was cut short thought. Take an extra week off and spend it at the beach after the show.

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