Jul 29, 2010

Panda in the Garden

This gorges dress by M2M that you can scoop for $1L + a silly panda cap (that's actually much like the one I own in RL, heh) made me feel like a li'l garden stroll today.
There's several $1L scoopies you can grab at M2M, like another pretty "Damask" paisley print dress. Look for them on the upper back wall in this cute shack store. *mwuahs Yumi Chiuh*

On a personal note, I was so touched by the li'l surprise bday soiree last nite for SLexy! *mwuahs to G + all our SLexy friends*

Awwws love + fashionista kisses to all!

แƒฆTeshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's kinda like a panda bear stuck in an urban jungle)


Dress: M2M - Spring Balone-Dress - $1L
Mary Jane shoes: Bitter Bunnie - [BBD] Alice Heels ::Classy White - lucky board prize -
previously free
Panda hat: SOS-Nebula - PANDA-CAP **SOS-Nebula GACHA! - $0L gatcha prize (click for free every 2 minutes) - free
&Bean - Pillow Tan three SB FR
Dernier Cri @ Summer of Love - Heather - Jet
Pose by: Everglow