May 26, 2011

Meet The Blooms!

So . . . I've finally succumbed to the Bloom Doll craze sweeping the grid, courtesy of Surf Co. creator Emma Gilmour. For $600L, you get a giant "doll"'s head to wear (for which you need resizable hair); a dollface skin (with options for eye/lid color, lashes + open/closed eyes); + a special doll-thin body shape (this will fit most clothes; you don't need to wear it, but it accentuates the similarity to Blythe Doll shapes). The dress-up metaphor -- which is pretty much how I view my avi anyway -- together with the all a-buzz Flickr contest, has spurred the creativity of several known photogs; even if you don't get your own, it's worth a look-see to peek at how others have styled this thing. Here's some fun I had with mine (click on the images for more info on each one).
No Styling Credits today, since these are more about the composed images (any q's, just NC/IM me as usual).

In Bloom love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(whose seasonal allergies are full-on In Bloom)