Dec 13, 2009

Mission Impossible: Manhunt for Hot Dog

This is Secret Agent Snowy Bear reporting for duty.
Report from 0200 hours: Request backup from Secret Agent Pickle Pants + Secret Agent No Pants. Agent Pickle Pants is known for her quick cunning in the field. However Agent No Pants fails to show up for duty in a timely manner due to, well, lack of pants.
0250 hours: Agent No Pants locates trousers and joins us on assignment.
0310 hours: Still no sign of our target. We are tracking that sworn enemy of the state, Hot Dog, who has previously tricked previous agents with his sausagey deliciousness. Our colleagues over at Counter Intelligence give us a tip that the elusive Mr. Dog has been spotted in the area.
0315 hours: Agent Pickle Pants and Agent No Pants start to get frustrated by lack of sightings.

0320 hours: Our usually reliable snitch Red Robin fails to provide any helpful intel.
0350 hours: We scan the perimeter again carefully for our suspect. Months of dead ends makes us hope that Counter Intelligence finally gave us a viable lead this time.
0500 hours: Counter Intelligence proves once again that all they do is sit around all day + eat bon bons, since it appears that the wily Mr. Dog is nowhere in sight. Nevertheless, Agent No Pants effectively demonstrates his "telephone pole tree hug" technique.
0530 hours: We have a tentative sighting of the suspect.
0540 hours: Negative negative. This one's "FLOP DOG."
0600 hours: We locate the suspect and have him surrounded. Unfortunately Mr. Dog appears to be transporting a delicious drizzle of mustard, which momentarily immobilizes the team. Agent No Pants, who suffers a longtime aversion to mustard, bravely overcomes the urge to get sick. Agent Pickle Pants courageously represses the powerful "Pickle family" genetic predisposition to join Mr. Dog in the bun.
0620 hours: All agents manage to successfully resist Mr. Dog's savory meat effects. We are able to secure the suspect and bring him in for questioning.
0730 hours: Team debriefing with Captain Bacon Pizza.
The Captain deems general team performance to be acceptable, although the Captain does write up Agent No Pants for failing to implement new trouser organization methods (citing his several previous warnings). All in all, just another day at the office.
This is Secret Agent Snowy Bear signing off for the team. Our next mission: extraction of our fellow agent Secret Agent Shoesies Woosies (alias "DreamAngel Larnia") who has been taken hostage by a crazed shopper at the Stiletto Moody sale.

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wishes she could go undercover in RL every day)


On Agent Snowy Bear (alias "Tesh"):
Dress: M*Motion - M*MotionKnit1-Piece - former lucky board gift - previously free
Fur jacket: Lemania Indigo - from the Aspen outfit -
previous $100L special this week
Bear hat + mittens: KUE!- [KUE!] Mitten Beary White + Chullo Hat Beary white - subscribo gift (click "subscribe" + hit "1") -
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*X'mas!2009-socks01 - Honey Kitty hunt gift (wear group tag + click star) - free
Boots: Ordinary Design - Mouton Boots w fur trim (010) - free
Necklace: DM Designs - **DM** Iced Snowflake Necklace + Earrings
Skin: Curio - :GP: Petal [Dark] Elf-Soot2
Hair: Zero Style - Camille - Dark Chocolate
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Gun thigh strap tattoo: I Heart Rien - "Power Doll" - lucky board gift - previously free
Red robin: SHD - Songbirds: Cardinal - Down the Chimney hunt gift - free

On Agent Pickle Pants (alias "Dorothy Button"):
Hair: Maitreya - Voluminous Scarf Hair #3 - Coffee
Skin: Curio - :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Winter-Toasty 2
Scarf: Maitreya - Voluminous Scarf *Pure
Top: Narwhal - I'm a GIRL! Undershirt
Jacket: Madsy - (Madsy) Blazer - dark slate
Skirt: Emery - Skirt Momo #1
Stockings: League - *League* Ella Stockings Black-Brown Garter
Shoes: Kookie - *Kookie* Athena/Black

On Agent No Pants (alias "Gavin McGinnis"):

Shirt: SAIKIN -*+SAIKIN henley neck shirt brown - $50L sale
Ripped jeans: MIASNOW - JEANS Ripped ~black (unisex) - Down the Chimney Hunt gift - free
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - previously free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large Iris - $30L
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark)
Shoes: SoReal - Superstars black/white
Macho underwear: Intrigue Co. - Hearts boxers (comes with attachments to be unisex) - $30L

Used by all: Gun (with animation): Abranimations - Advent Gift Day 10 - Equalizer Hand Guns 1.118 - previously free this week

Special appearance by: Sileny Noel as Captain Bacon Pizza

*N.B.: Agent Snowy Bear's Addendum to Official File Report - Fashion Notes:

Not many people realize it, but fashion is tres important when it comes to being a total badass Secret Agent.
These snowy white bear hat + mittens come free courtesy of the KUE! subscribo. Wow are these things cute. The white fuzzy beary-ness totally says secret agent. There's even a li'l furry tuft at the top of the hat. Ahhhdorables. Thanks Juba! Secret Agent Snowy Bear's look would not be the same without these cuties!
This dress is a formerly free smexeh deep scoopneck number from the M*Motion lucky board that I've been meaning to show forever. I love the draped bodice + how this dips up at the hips for that extra smexeh-ness.
Free adjustable mouton boots by Ordinary Design (a color fatpack is included) + free starry socks from Honey Kitty (which is doing a mini-hunt in their store right now) were so fitting with this look. Special thanks to my friend Linda Mensing for putting together this playful yet totally functional socks + shoes combo, which were just perfect for Secret Agent Snowy Bear. You rock Linda!

I also had to show you this superluxe rabbit white fur coat included in the $100L "Aspen" outfit special by Lemania Indigo earlier this week. Is this thing Secret Agent Snowy Bear or what?
I am a RL jewelry designer so I am really picky about my SL jewelry. DM Designs is releasing a ton of new designs today, including this exquisite snowflake set. Check out the tiny faceting work on these stones; this type of meticulous detailing is what distinguishes the quality of this line. Thanks Darion!
A special thank you goes to Curio creator Gala Phoenix for the sheer brill factor of her brand-new "Elf" line, which does some awes things for my shape. I've been a longtime Curio fangirl but this new "Elf" skin is really special. Here's why:
* Dimples: I haven't yet seen a skin that does dimples as believably and adorably as this one. I'm in luh with this skin for these things alone.
* Mouth corners: If you notice the slightly upturned/dimpled corners of the mouth, there's something about the facial expression that totally captures a quietly mischievous look.
* Button nose: This nose is slightly smaller + visibly more "pert" than the typical nose. (I already have a small nose, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really liked this subtle adjustment).
This "Petal" skin tone is one shade lighter than I typically wear and I am enjoying the shimmery-ness of it. This lighter skin tone also provides a more dramatic contrast to the sexy dark eyes of the "Soot" makeup, which is my fave makeup in this line.
The skin line name "Elf" initally made me think of something fantasy creature-like. But I have to say that I actually don't get that sense at all from this skin. Of all the Curio skins I own (and this fangirl has purchased quite a few) I think that this is the most exquisite so far. I am so anticipating the upcoming "Spring" makeups of this release!

Special thanks also to Abranimations for its awes Advent gift earlier this week. This don't-eff-wif-me double guns set came with too-cool animations included + even low-slung hip holsters (which none of us remembered to wear). This amazing gift just screamed for a Secret Agent post. Thank you Abramelin Wolfe!
Finally, a huuuge thanks to my friends + fellow Secret Agents Gavin McGinnis, Dorothy Button (and our illustrious Captain, Sileny Noel) for, well, just doin' your jobs. As you know, navigating the crazy world of SL fashion can be tres dangerous business. Thank God for you guys + your Secret Agent/posing skillz. *Muwahs*!


DarionMonkee Levitt said...

The Jewelry looks amazing on you but off that topic...that post was AWESOME...I love entertaining posts you ROCK! *gives you a big hug and kiss*
<3 Darion

Sileny said...

/me dies laughing

Gavin said...

I love this post. It is amazing. That hot dog got what it deserved. If you had not helped me get over my aversion to mustard we would have been in trouble. Esp me since I had alread lost my pants and was late for the rendezvous. I can't wait for mission #2.

Dorothy Button said...

*crawls into the bun and snuggles up with Mr. Dog when nobody is looking* I can't help it, Mr. Dog and me have a special bond. There is nothing sexual about what I'm saying ok?!

Tesh said...

Hey guys. Score a big one for us Secret Agents. That hog dog never stood a chance against our mad posing skillz.

Darion - thanks so much + huggggs!!

Luhs u all!!! *gives smooches + hugs all around*

Tesh said...

PS. Dorothy - we know that you + Mr. Dog had a sordid history. We all saw it in the confidential file. xoxo

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