Oct 4, 2009

I Love Rock n' Roll!

Not everyone knows it, but my homie Gavin McGinnis is the lead singer for a SL rock band with our buddies Ethan Kanahoe and CvC Criss. Their band name? The B.U.L.L.I.E.S. (short for Boys Upending Linden Labs In Every Sense). Aren't those boys so gosh darn clever?
My gf DreamAngel Larnia and I decided to show the boys some support at their last gig. Lemme tellya, there's nothin' like standing in line with a buncha eager female fans to really make you feel like you've been sucked into a vortex of utter madness. I mean just look at what these women are doing to get Gavin's attention. Shameless!
Turns out I got just as super excited as everyone else. ZOMG it's Gavin! Yaaaaayyy! Hee hee.
What happens when 2 girls show up in the same outfit?
Fashion can be a dangerous business. We all thought this lady Scarlett XDemonia (on the left, scary face) was gonna throw down. I mean just check out her killer growl! But man, did she go down for the count. Turns out our tiny gf Rhia Janick had some secret WWF moves. Rhia actually earned herself the nickname "THE BUS." 'Cuz she took Scarlett's ass to school.
Such behavior from grown women. Ain't rock music grand?
Um, we don't know them.
The show was excellent. Check out Ethan wailin' on the drums. His boyish charm is always such a hit with the ladies. Just don't get him started about his drumsticks. Heh.
Here's CvC workin' the crowd on the keyboards. There's a reason he's known as ol' "Magic Fingers." On the keyboards, people! Geez, dirty minds.
Of course Gavin had all the women hootin' and a-hollerin'. Check out that one crazy fan trying to get up onstage on the right. Oh wait. That's me, hee hee.
In between sets, Dream and I were draped on speakers like stage decorations.
Afterwards we snuck backstage to hang with the band. As you can see, Gavin and Ethan were still totally pumped from the show. It's possible that our li'l Rhia got a bit too excited.
Rockers always have the best poses. Must be the fashion. Everyone copped the rock 'n roll 'tude: see how our gfs Violet and Gem were sooo ready for their close-ups here. And yup that's Rhia tiptoeing into the background.
The best part was at the end of the night, where I sneaked some alone time with the lead singer. You know for all his macho rock band stuff, Gavin is just a big teddy bear. But shhhh-shhh-shhh don't tell anyone.
Stay tuned as we find more excuses to show you everything relating to the crazy world of SL fashion. Next up: our wild + wacky adventures with . . . all things food!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(a verified mosh pit queen)


on DreamAngel Larnia:
Hair: Mirai Style - Chib (Violet) - not free
Skin: LessThanThree - Phoebe Vamp - group gift -
Camo Overalls outfit: WWI - WWI Camo Overalls - not free
Black rubber bracelets: Kosh - $1L
Boots: Crimson Shadow - part of Black Latex N Top Hat Set -
not free
Backstage pass necklace - Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" -
on Tesh:
Hair: Red Queen - Fuzzy- Onyx - former $50L XStreet special
Skin: Mother Goose - Lucy Skin_LB - $1L
Gloves: - F.A.T. Designz - former hunt gift - free

Tights: - Sweeter Than Candy - STC Shredded Latex group gift - free
Shorts: WWI - Peekaboo Tiny Shorts Pink - not free
Tank tops: WWI - Lazy Tank Pink + Lifted Striped Tank -
not free
Boots: BAX Prestige black leather -
not free
Gems charms necklace:
Donna Flora - Gabriela - not free
Rainbow X-cuffs: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) - formerly $1L
Earrings: Gems & Kisses - Loop Earrings in Yellow - former $10L hunt gift
Ring: Gems & Kisses - City in Gold (Love's Ring) - yellow diamond pave stacker ring - former lucky board gift - free

Eyes: Reale (Vivid Blue) - not free

on Rhia Janick:
"BITCH" cutoff shirt, ripped gloves/stockings + shorts outft: Abellalicious - camping gift - free
Whimsy - Free Hair - Emily (Brown) - previously free (store closed)
Skin: Free Speerit - Kimberly Tan (Crying) - $1L
Boots: KataOnik - Unisex black boots -
Yellow star tattoo: K&L -
$20L - can also buy on XStreet here
Backstage pass necklace - Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" - $2L

on ScarlettX Demonia:
"BITCH" cutoff shirt, ripped gloves/stockings + shorts outft: Abellalicious - camping gift - free
Boots: Pixelfashion - red -
not free
Hair: Damselfly - Fallyn (Russett) -
not free
Skin: Redgrave - Moon (tan) -
not free
Backstage pass necklace - Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" - $2L

on Gem Henly:
Hair: Vixen - Felidae Blackmail - Dark Katz Hunt gift #140 - free
Shredded dark jeans + top: DivaLicious - Dark Katz gift #04 - free
Black mouth beads: Fifferling - Dark Katz gift #153 -
Boots: Danika Design - Citygirl boots black - not free
Backstage pass necklace - Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" - $2L

on Violet Batriani:
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Blue Autumn - free
Skin: Fhang Candy Carla - CrazedFushiaBlueMix /FC_Limited Edition - free
Hair: Vixen - Selenite (Platinum Dark) - Twisted Hunt gift #43 - formerly free
Jetcity - leggings gray - $2L
Top: WWI - WWI Cami Torn Black - formerly free
Skirt w/ hanging suspender straps:
Jetcity - skirt blue - free
Backstage pass necklace - Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" - $2L

on Margaux DuFaux:
Strapless top + hotpants + flower collar: Envied - from the "Karma Babydoll In Feeling" dress (skirt not worn) - free subscribo gift

(Sadly, our 2 lovely butt girls who posed with Margaux were too shy to be credited, LOL)

ON THE GUYS (the B.U.L.L.I.E.S. rule all! Yeah!!):
on Gavin McGinnis:
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark) - not free
Tank: Twisted & Spoiled - Men's Star Tank - lucky chair gift - free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Jeans: Zoobang - former hunt gift -
previously free
Shoes: SOREAL - Superstars black/white - not free
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - not free
Leather wrist bands:
Grasp - group gift - free
Eyebrow piercing - Kanival Tattoo - $1L
Backstage pass necklace -
Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" - $2L

on Ethan Kanahoe:
"Punisher" T-shirt and ripped jeans: Second Island - free
Leather wrist bands: Grasp - group gift - free
Backstage pass necklace -
Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" - $2L

on CvC Criss:
Skull T-shirt and ripped jeans: Second Island - free
Backstage pass necklace -
Jetcity - "ID Card Holder" - $2L

(uncredited items are unknown)

A very special thanks to designer Minde Mills at WWI for creating the killer tough-girl chic that was so perfect for this shoot. Her WWI store is one of our go-tos for that sexy, take-no-shizz style. Minde -- well, you just know.

Many thanks to the lovely Wan Demina of DeminAtions (your MM board is such a find!), as well as the lovely creators at Striking Poses, S.LOVES, Water Sapphire, Kabuki Creations (all used throughout here) + other SL pose stores that offer such great free + $1L poses. Your work really lets us storyboard these shots in such an affordable way. A special thanks to Adorkable Poses for offering your basic facial emoter for free (Scarlett and Rhia couldn't have growled without you!)

Finally, a very warm hug to each of my friends DreamAngel Larnia, Margaux DuFaux, Rhia Janick, Scarlett XDemonia, Gem Henly, Violet Batriani and the B.U.L.L.I.E.S. boys Gavin McGinnis, Ethan Kanahoe and CvC Criss for all your help with this multi-locational shoot. I totally heart you guys for indulging all of my silly ideas. You are just awesome!!


Violet Batriani said...

What a great night! B.U.L.L.I.E.S. ROCKED!

Gem Henly said...

That turned out so cute. If you ever need help agian just let me know.

Margaux said...

Another great post Tesh!! It is always fun to see what you will come up with next and always a hoot to be included... thanks for the fun and all the hard work you put into these post ... thanks again

Gavin said...

This is an awesome post. I always look forward to reading the story you put together for each post. This was one of my favorite so far. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hey dream here, I absolutely loved being a part of this blog. I love all of them, but this was totally my favorite one. The story was so great and I can't wait to see more. Once my pc is in working order I can't wait to see everyone in world :)

Anonymous said...

Love what you did with this lol, we had a blast as you know, was great fun *hugs* to you and rhia :) ScarlettX

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