Oct 16, 2009

The Glam-Pire Diaries

Tay here, Tesh's vampire cousin. Tesh was off assembling her crazy "Better Quality Freebies" weekly list, so she asked me to step in for a post.
First, lemme just say that being a vampire rocks. Never grow old + never die. What's not to love? Sure, there's the whole drinking human blood thing. Ehhh, small price to pay for immortality. And you humans drink far grosser stuff. I mean have you tasted Red Bull? So ew! Plus fangs rule.
Tesh and I share a mutual, bordering-on-the-insane love of fashion. Check out this saucy Western brothel-like minidress that my super-talented 'coz found for me the last time we went shopping together. Such sweet tiny red bows on the supershort ruffled miniskirt. Totally goes with the ruby-red lipstick too. Love!
Sometimes I like to imagine myself as the long-lost relative of the Cullens. Here I am getting all emo 'cuz they somehow forgot to include me in their upcoming movie. Oh well, at least my crimson lipstick is to die ('scuze the pun). Please also 'scuze the blood trickle (that was lunch).
Anyhoo, back to fashion. I spied this smexeh magenta and olive green striped number and just had to have it. This rich color combo is so totally brill. Love the deliciously scandalous peek-a-boo "butt cleavage" action in the back too. (For all you thrifty shoppers, there's a single-color chocolate brown version for free in the "Dresses" building of the DeeTalez SIM now, for their ongoing pumpkin hunt).
I won this superfun "BalloonO'Death" lucky chair gift + thought it was tres hilarious. Mostly 'cuz, you know, I can't really die. Like, ever. Gruesome Halloween stuff is so fun for us vamps.
I always love strolling around the Rotten Toe store for its delightfully creepy vibe. Here's a killer ('scuze the pun) green and black ballerina skirt dress I found for only $15L, with lovely floofy ribbons hanging off the skirt. Total 'natch with this free Fairy Tail green and black bowtie collar.
I was feeling thirsty again when I spied Tesh's yummy man-treat Gavin McGinnis roaming the grid for the Make Him Over Hunt. Gavin smelled super tasty, so I couldn't resist getting a little closer. Obviously he wasn't paying attention here (human men are so easily distracted) so I thought it'd be funny to pretend I was going in for a teeny bite. (Don't worry, I didn't actually bite him. Tesh would strangle me with the chain of her new gold purse. It might not kill me, but it would make for some awkward moments).
Oh and that heart in my hand? My actual snack. Some poor pathetic human who had the nerve to tell me that he "doesn't get fashion." That guy's blood was especially tasty. *Giggles evilly* I saved his heart to suck on for dessert. Yum yum.

Most humans are afraid of vampires, so it's kinda nice to have a cute little doll to tote around for company. With her rosy-cheeks, smudged black eyeliner + tiny skullie hairbands, this doll is chicer than most humans. -- Oh and nevermind the bloodstained curtain behind me. Had to wipe my hands on something after my snack and there was nothing else around. Cleanliness is a virtue, you know.
Oh you ridiculous humans. How you amuse me so.
We vampires can be sensitive creatures, so hopefully you liked my first post. If not, gimme your address and let's have lunch.

As Tesh might say, love + (glam-pire) fashionista kisses to all!

Tay Wycliffe
(who really dies a little inside every time she sees bad fashion. OK last pun! Had to squeeze it in)


Skin: Beauty Avatar - Thabita vampire gift - $1L
Eyes: Silhouette - BlueTrue - Skin Shape Expo '09 gift - previously free
Red & black lace dress: Deviance - Flirtatious (red) - not free
Gloves: [KS] Delta Cuddle Glove black - $80L - available on XStreet
Ripped stockings: B! Fashion - from the Halloween Dollarbie gift - $1L
Black boots: Envy Designs - Goth Thigh High Boots Black - prior MM board gift - previously free
Hair: Hair OH - Oh My Friend - not free
Earrings: !SyDS! - Bottle Cap Pierces (green) group gift - free
Vintage Pearl choker necklace - Mondavia Fashion Week gift bag - previously free
Tattoo: Madness & Mayhem - Full Body Starry Tattoo - MM board gift - free
Magenta + olive striped dress: DeeTaleZ - Hot Mini Dress Striped 5 - not free
Gold boots: Envy Designs - Goth Thigh High Boots Gold - prior MM board gift - previously free
Triple ropes necklace: U&R Dogs - Partita Necklace (80+ color change) - lucky board gift - free
Green & black dress + stockings: Rotten Toe - Nekrotic Dress (green) - $15L
Green & black bow collar: Fairy Tail October group gift - free
Hanging pose: Posies (formerly ANA-Mations) - BalloonO'Death lucky chair gift
- free
Doll: Acid & Mala - female group gift - free
Sitting pose (fangs showing): L+R+W - $45L
Hand to face pose: Pink Fuel - Leafy - Kawaii - $50L
Elevator pose: LostAngel Industries - not free
Pose in last 2 photos: Kru - $20L
All other poses: Long Awkward Pose
- not free


Gavin said...

This is another great post. I really liked it. Tay is very Punny. She can be a little scary though when she shows her teeth.

Anonymous said...

Tesh! This is the sexiest vampire post I've seen yet!!!!! You (or Tay?) look super cute!!

Didn't know about the DeeTale hunt so thx sooo much for the inside info!!

Unknown said...

i luv this skin and hair

really enjoy reading your posts! so cute

Anonymous said...

Tay you are the sexiest vampire I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

^^ vamps are so smex.

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