Oct 24, 2009

Damaged: A New Life

Waking from an uneasy dream, Kira awoke to find herself transformed into one of the Zombied Ones. No longer human, her skin was red and blotchy, her eyes a gleaming silver.
Kira could feel the thrill of raw power pulsing through her limbs. She relished the feeling of being totally unbreakable.
She also keenly felt the urge to rip someone's head off.
A quick stroll outside revealed a noob human wandering the dark streets alone.
Upon seeing his flat skin and jagged hair, Kira felt a sudden flare-up of disgust and impatience. Acting on impulse, she decided to go for her first Kill.
Kira knew no authorities could touch her since human laws didn't apply to the Zombied Ones. Fits of uncontrollable giggling overcame her.
Determined to embrace her new life, Kira thought making new friends seemed like a good idea.
Zombied Ones were rumored to hang out at coffee houses, so she headed there first. She soon met Margaux DuFaux, who told Kira about the ways of Fashionista, a newly-revitalized sect in the Zombied Ones. Marg taught her how to channel her limb-severing anger into a fierce desire for shopping instead.
Marg also showed Kira how cupcakes were considered refined pleasures of civilized Zombied Ones.
A newfound and intense passion for both shopping and cupcake consumption followed. Kira was happy.

Happy Halloween to all my fellow Fashionista'ed Zombied Ones. Love + Fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(a not-so-secret comic book nerd)


On Tesh:
Skin: Red Queen - Gluttony@TYPE.06-hairBASE-G.04/w.PIERCING-group gift (join group for $0L; gift is in Notices) - free
Eyes: Oceane's - FierceEyes_Silver - $1L
Hair: 69 - Nina - Blonde
Yellow gold cuffs + necklace: Oceane's - Double Bangles Armband Gold + hoops Retro Necklace Gold
Jeans: Luck Inc. - Low Rise Jeans Black Stripe
Lace top: Inimitably Design - Black Mini Lace Dress - Red Satin Corsage (shirt only)
Corset: Trilobiteware - Leather V Underbust Corset - Coal

Boots: Sassy Kitty - Flower Shiny Black Boots - Relay For Hope Hunt gift (Rose #9) - free
Underwear: Reasonable Desires - Vanessa Panties - group gift - free
Pear Stones Earrings: House of Hucci - Black Tourmaline Dion Earrings
Poses used include: Adorkable and Olive Juice @ Starlust - free; and Long Awkward Pose

On Margaux DuFaux:
Skin: Red Queen - Gluttony@TYPE.06-hairBASE-G.04/w.PIERCING-group gift (join group for $0L; gift is in Notices) - free
Dress: Different Drummer - Silk Cross Strap Minidress (buy green cauldron in front left corner of store) - free
Boots: BAX Prestige black

Many thanks to Red Queen creator Ruth Quan, whose Red Queen "Gluttony" skin inspired this post. Special thanks to Gavin McGinnis, who bravely donned noob skin + hair for Kira's first Kill. A very special thanks to Margaux DuFaux, who encouraged me to do my first SL fashion blog post and for showing me the Fashionista way.


Gavin said...

I feel sorry for the poor noob. Oh wait that was me. LOL Well atleast I got to be taken out by a hot zombie.

Your posts are always great and make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

OMG is this hilarious. That red queen skin looks fabby on you tesh! hope that noob was tasty

Anonymous said...

Newbie hair. Wow. Such a valid reason for a slaying. Love the post

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